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Entry Level Player Development

Increase Skill Development & Player involvement

The Rookie Division is an extension of the Rally Cap program that focuses on player development for both beginners (Jr. Rookies.) and advanced players. (Sr. Rookies.) We believe the program will help increase skill development and increase player involvement. Because it helps assist Jr. players, understand the game better and allows Sr. players to play in live format.

Please note: We do not keep scores of the games in this program.

Rookie evaluations will be April 7, 2024.  Athletes must be registered by March 31st to attend.

General Information

Game Structure (Subject to Change)

Tuesdays Practice

2 teams per diamond. 5:45 to 7:00 (1st time slot 2 teams) switch 6:25*

7:15 to 8:30 (2nd time slot 2 teams) switch 7:55*

Please Note: Teams will share diamond and rotate infield / outfield half way thru time slots

Thursday Game Nights

5:45 to 6:10 warm up / Start game at exactly 6:15 play till 7:00

7:15 to 7:40 warm up / Start game at exactly 7:45 play till 8:30

Please Note: No new half inning shall start 10 minutes before end time.(Possible that only 1 team may get to bat in the last inning)


55ft. Base Paths

Please note: If you have any questions please email rookie@gpmba.ca 

JR. Rookie Rules

Defensive Positions

Player will be placed in the following defensive positions 1st – 2nd – 3rd – SS – CF – LF – RF. Each team has 9 players on it, if every player shows up place an extra child in the infield between 1st / 2nd base or the outfield. A parent can take the catcher’s position.

Rotate Positions

Participants will rotate one defensive position every other inning.

Everyone Bats

The offensive team will bat every participant, there is no 3 strikes you’re out. The last hitter can (coaches discretion) clear the bases as if they hit a home-run. Once each participant has batted the teams will switch (unless less than 10 minutes left for time). Helmets are mandatory.


“Outs” will be called (eg. thrown ball beats the runner to first base, runner is tagged when not on a base, etc.). The participant that is “out” will just return to the end of the batting line-up.


Helmets are mandatory for all hitters, on-deck batters, base runners and during practice activities that involve batting.

Maximum Pitches Per Batter

In order to keep the game moving along, each batter will receive a MAXIMUM of 5 pitches from their coach, It is recommended that coaches pitch from a kneeling position and pitch overhand at the coach’s discretion. Based on the participant’s ability, coaches may pitch underhand. If they have not made contact after 5 swings, a ball will be placed on a batting Tee for them to hit, no exceptions. TEE Placement – Most Tees are made incorrectly, with the ball in the middle of the plate. The ball should be placed on the front of home plate, so the batters are hitting the ball out in front of the plate.

Lead Offs, Stealing, Overthrow Advancements

Participants are not allowed to steal bases, advance on overthrows or lead-off. Players can only leave their base once the batter has made contact with the ball.

Extra Base Hits

If a player hits the ball far enough and is able to get a double, triple or homerun they are encouraged / allowed to, with the base runners in front of them also advancing. Once the play stops, celebrate / acknowledge the great hit by the batter.

Mandatory Equipment

All players must have the following:

  • Protective Cup (Male & Female)
  • Double eared batting helmet with chin strap
  • Glove
  • Proper foot wear running shoes, or cleats. (No metal cleats.)


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