Rally Caps

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The Five Fundamentals

Enhancing everyones first experience

Our goal with the rally cap program is to create a fun environment where children and adults are actively engaged together in the sport. The program, is designed to help develop fundamental motor skills and teach the basics skills and rules of the game. We want to increase self-esteem and good sportsmanship in both the children and the parents.

Please Note: The Rally Cap program helps teaches players the five FUNdamentals of baseball in a fun and safe environment. Players have tasks to complete to earn a colored Baseball Canada Rally Cap. The cap colors represent levels of achievement. There are no special requests for the Rally Cap program, players are placed on teams based on the cap color they receive.



2022 Award and AGM

The Grande Prairie Minor Baseball Association’s annual Award ceremony and AGM is fast approaching, and everyone is invited! Tuesday November 22, 2022, in the Chuck

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